The dispute between advertising and social networking online marketing


The choice between investing in social marketing search engine or online advertising is becoming more open, with certain details that tip the balance toward more conventional online investment.
Before the questioning on the need for greater investment in online advertising or dare with exposure on social networks, it seems that the trend has changed a little, for Facebook, Twitter and other networks, how are you have changed the advertising landscape online as known and doubt persists between investing in Social Media Marketing or used as online advertising.

The struggle between media like Facebook, which represent the world of social networking and what Google offers, which is in turn the best example of online advertising is more than open. Although many believe it is preferable to an advertising strategy in the burgeoning social networks, current statistics show that in the last quarter of 2010, investment in search engine advertising by companies increased by 19%, which implies an increase 6% of the value of the previous quarter.

Although advertising preferences tilt the balance towards search engine exposure, the data delivered by the company Comscore adds a degree of uncertainty to what will happen in the future as in the past year the number of impressions increased social networking 23%, a significant increase considering that previously had gone up 9%.

There is a sector that sees the boom of social networking as a fad, a fad that is destined to endure over time, and which shall be visible when user activity begins to decline in these social spaces. Important and influential people such as David Fincher, director of Cinema, which was commissioned to portray the creation of Facebook, social networks per se are a waste of time.

The problem of the viability of social networking advertising

One of the problems of ad spending on social networks is the fact of not knowing for sure what will happen with this investment, as members of a given network such as Facebook often interact with brands, give opinions and share an interest in certain events, but it is justified ad spending on social networks? Do the companies can afford to invest only in a presence there?

The parameters of ROI in social networks falter, as the majority of users are there “to contact and talk”, why omit most of the time the advertising presented to them and differs markedly from what about search engines, where the only purpose of the user there is “seek and find.” The need is to find something that motivates the achievement of one-click advertising, and thus the ROI becomes much more attractive concept. It is for this reason has been said on countless occasions Facebook is trying to implement a search engine, something that has not been confirmed but it seems necessary as a supplementary plan if you really want to move.

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