GMO: How Scared Should You Be?

Genetic modification has become a global hot button among activists lately. They are concerned about the effect that genetically modified organisms (GMO) might have on health and the environment, as well as the impact of GMO crops on farmers. Many support labeling food so consumers know which products contain GMO ingredients and which are GMO-free.

So what about GMO and cotton? Genetic modification has been used to increase the volume and quality of oil produced, which makes each cotton plant more efficient. In the United States, China, and India, genetically modified cotton is grown on a huge scale, and the cottonseed oil extracted from the plants are considered very high quality. When those cottonseed oils are used in the production of margarine, cooking oils or shortening, they are required to be labeled as GMO products in some countries, but not in the United States.

Facebook would be developing an application for anonymous conversations

anonimo 0 500x281 Facebook would be developing an application for anonymous conversations photo imageThis week the major American newspaper The New York Times published an interesting article regarding Facebook. The popular social network would be developing an application for anonymous conversations, so that users can interact with each other without having to use their real names.

According to sources cited by the newspaper, this application will be released in the coming weeks will be completely independent alternative to Facebook, will not require the user to put the name and you can chat and interact with other users having this application.

This concept is not new, and there are applications like Secret and Whisper that meet these requirements of anonymity.

Business closed, Facebook already owns WhatsApp

facebook compra whatsapp 500x281 Business closed, Facebook already owns WhatsApp photo imageA few months ago the world of social networking is rocked with the news that Facebook bought most important platform of instant messenger, WhatsApp, for no less than 19 billion dollars. This week the deal was finished close. Facebook bought WhatsApp by 21.800 million.

The transaction lasted 8 months due to concerns of both companies in terms of issues of privacy and security with other similar companies, ie competition. This process went along the US antitrust agency, regulatory body of the European Commission and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); besides spending WhatsApp and Facebook under scrutiny. With the result that the transaction did not affect or threatened the privacy of users and competitors in the same field.

Promote Your Inventory with Edgy Marketing

Whether you’re in retail, the grocery industry, or dealing with wholesale items, you need to make a splash the instant customers walk into your store. Competition is fierce in today’s economy, especially when so many consumers are choosing to shop online. When you are dealing with a brick and mortar location, it’s all about bringing people in and snagging their attention the instant they enter your store. Click here to find out how a company like Pangea can help you with their expertise in marketing techniques.

Hook them From the Start
From shelf tags to display signs and all of the point of sale items that really make your business tick, you need to find out what will work. You want to draw business, starting with those signs in the window that will grab them off the street. Find other catchy strategies that will have your customers reaching for their wallets because they’ve just discovered that must-have item that has to go home with them. Believe it or not, your success does not only lie in a great product. Effective marketing is key and tags, labels, or signs can truly make the difference. Promote your goods, highlighting your steals and deals. You’ll satisfy consumers and make sure more products are walking out the door every day. Turn to the experts who make it their business to know what works when you need to make those sales happen. With innovative ideas and a strategy, you can take your business up a level.

Investing In Real Estate For Profit

When people are planning on investing in real estate, they need to work with a company that provide all the tools that are needed to make proper decisions. Real estate investment in Canada can be a lucrative business, but that business needs to be pursued correctly. People are not approaching their investments the right way could see huge losses.

The properties that people want to invest in must be researched properly, and they must make sure that they know how they will profit from the property. The majority of properties in the country can be flipped easily, but there are other properties that will grow in value over the long term.

The real estate investor needs to be sure that it is possible to profit from the sale of a property well. Also, the investor needs to make sure that they can secure funding for their investments. The investor should work with people who are familiar with the industry, have a way to get in touch with lenders and is ready to help with the process.

When people want to profit from their investments in real estate, they need to make sure they are using all the resources they can to make money.

Microsoft introduced its new “Windows 10″ operating system

windows 102 500x281 Microsoft introduced its new Windows 10 operating system photo imageMicrosoft finally presented its new operating system, which takes surprisingly named “Windows 10” (or Thresholdl or Windows 9 as been speculating). The city of San Francisco was the setting for the presentation, Terry Myerson, Windows chief, was on hand to make the presentation. Its greatest feature is that all kinds of devices, whether mobile or desktop is a supported operating system.

“There are over one billion people using Windows. It’s time for a new Windows, to be built under the first premise mobility, cloud first, “Terry Myerson, head of Windows.

According to its creators, the Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8, and is intended for users to feel familiar with this new operating system.

“Ello”: the new antiFacebook social network

ello 500x280 Ello: the new antiFacebook social network photo imageThere are many social networks, but there are few who survive soon after birth, but apparently this does not happen to “Ello”, the new social network that is already causing a stir on the internet. This is a free platform, but can only be accessed by invitation and has as its motto: “Simple, beautiful and without publicity.” Specialists have already rated antiFacebook social network.

Ello concept is interesting but not new, but despite that there is no new thing under the single, this network has managed to turn around and drew the attention of all users tired of the other social networks that increasingly resemble more and you are also crammed with advertising.

Medical Dictation Services For Every Office

There are many medical offices that have stacks of charts that must be transcribed from their dictations. The files that are created by doctors are quite complex, and someone must put all these charts on paper. The carts are converted for easy reading in the future, and there are insurance regulations that require these records to be in print.

The charts can be sent to a medical dictation service, and the dictation service makes sure that all these charts are unraveled. The dictation service makes sure that every chart is in print that people can read, and the charts are returned in the form that is most convenient for the office.

The best way for an office to store these items is to keep them in electronic storage. However, these same charts can be printed so that the paper copies can be stored in the medical office itself.

When a medical office is trying to keep up with their charts and paperwork, they must work with a dictation company. The service provided allows the medical office to see patients rather than doing paperwork. The patients receive better care, and the doctor’s office has records that meet all the compliance rules for the industry.

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