Yard Sale Success: Attract People and Boost Attendance

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of those unwanted items while making a little extra cash. And while they are easy to set up, you need to put some time and planning into the process if you want to increase your chance of sales. Thankfully, the following tips will help you attract people and boost attendance to your yard sale.

Advertise Online
The internet is a wonderful tool, especially when it comes to advertising your yard sale for free. Use social media – such as Facebook – to get the word out about your upcoming sale. Post in your local “buy and sell” Facebook group and post a listing on Craigslist. And don’t simply post that you are selling “cool furniture”. Be descriptive of what you are actually selling. If you have a vintage Gunne Sax dress, make sure you put that and not just vintage dress. The whole point of advertising is to attract people to your sale. If you putting generic descriptions, you won’t get the turn out you are hoping for.

Use Flags or Banners
Placing banners or message flags that say ‘Yard Sale’ or ‘Garage Sale’ is a great way to get people to notice your sale. Place a few banners or flags at the entrance of your sale or anywhere in your yard that can be easily seen from the road. And don’t forget the balloons! Balloons are a cheap and easy way to get the attention of passersby, especially if they are filled with helium.

Hang Posters
Hanging posters will notify people that you are having a yard sale. Put posters up around your neighborhood, in your local shops and community center. Anywhere you can put a poster up, put one up. If your home is near a college, place a few signs up there. Furthermore, if your home is off the beaten path, you will need to place signs from the main road to show them how to get to the sale.

Consider Providing Snacks
Advertising that you have free snacks is a pretty big draw for most people. With that said, you shouldn’t giveaway anything that is homemade since a lot of people are wary of taking homemade food items from strangers. Instead, offer free soda, Popsicles or individual bags of chips. Just make sure to include the “free snacks” on your signs and online advertisements.

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