Would I buy a tablet or a laptop?

tablet-laptopWould I buy a tablet or a laptop? is a question that everyone asks today face the dilemma of buying a mobile device for various tasks and needs. Here are a few pros and cons of each, that can help tip the scales for a tablet or a laptop.

The first thing to ask before deciding on one or the other devices is: Why do we need this device?. Though the tablet and laptop laptop or have many similarities in what has features are concerned, you also have great differences that can make a big difference.


The price is a big difference between a tablet and a laptop, although today we can find high-priced tablets, even laptops are still more expensive. This difference is due to many things, but basically its usefulness, with a laptop you can perform more tasks with a tablet.


If you are looking do work, using sophisticated software, extended tasks, if need quickly and efficiently. Your bet must surely be a laptop. But if you are looking for a device to enter social networks, play, he wants to bring everywhere without problems and it is easy and convenient, here is the winning tablet.

Work and leisure

Clearly, the tablet is a mobile device designed to work less serious than a laptop, using applications is perhaps its greatest benefit, in addition to its touchscreen. In contrast, the laptop has a keyboard, ideal for work and texts, as well as having a larger screen and the ability to have more storage. This does not mean that a tablet is not used to perform work or tasks, or that a laptop is not used to spend leisure time or just play.


A tablet is smaller, thinner, lighter than a laptop. Great advantage that leads to its competitor laptop.


Laptop usually more powerful processors have a tablet, a fact that gives faster and more power. Virtues that put it well above a tablet, especially for technical uses.


The tablet is the fashionable device is a piece of technology that provides status and “cache”, summarizing the fashionable gadget. Although it sounds trite and not used as much, especially in the very young is important.

We also have the ability to buy the two …

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