Windows XP comes to an end

windows-xp_0The popular Windows XP operating system says goodbye after almost 13 years of existence (a record between operating systems Microsoft) comes to an end. Microsoft confirms it will no longer make updates and invites their millions of users who spend at Windows 8.

The order was yesterday (April 8), date put cap on Microsoft updates, ie those with the operating system on your computer will not receive any kind of update from the company, including include the security and antivirus updates to new peripherals (mice, cameras, printers, keyboards and so on.). Fact that has alarmed more than one user of the operating system.

Microsoft meanwhile recommended and invites its users switching to Windows 8, summing up in the phrase: “I leave you in good hands”

What if I have Windows XP?

The Windows XP operating system no longer have updates does not mean that your computer or computer stop working, or malfunctions. What will happen is that due to the lack of updates your computer is in constant risk because lack of security systems that Microsoft used to constantly update (Microsoft Security Essentials). It is advisable to change the operating system as soon as possible.

Microsoft has created a platform called “I leave you in good hands,” in which I can make the transition from Windows XP to Windows 8.

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