Windows 8 RTM, which offers the choice of Microsoft


Windows 8 has become one of the most anticipated operating systems, expectation has been met largely with the RTM edition.

Windows 8 is just around the corner, so we have taken pains to provide all the information that we can deliver on the new operating system from Microsoft that promises two things, delivering a completely new interface for users and immortalize Windows 7 as the successor to Windows XP great excellence.

Before talking about the news that we will offer Windows 8 RTM, we explain that the name “RTM” stands for “Release to Manufacturing” or what is the same to say, it is the first commercial version and the product can be although manufacturers and not for sale, and he will present officially in October 2012. This edition can be downloaded and installed completely free from Microsoft for 90 days, then it will have to buy it.

One of the things that attract our attention when installing the operating system is that you will see a little manual on how to use it, it does not work the same way as the previous Windows, but there is no big deal.

Changes in Windows 8 RTM

Nothing Aero Glass
The first of the changes identified is the absolute ignorance of the slides, also known as effect “Aero Glass”. In this way we will not have a chance to see what’s behind the windows diffusely but observe solid edges represent the new Windows approach and solid bright colors.
Explorer 10 is better than ever

We must remember that Windows 8 will work in two formats, the first is one where we will see an interface similar to Windows Phone, while the other is the classic desktop. In both options we find an Internet Explorer 10 extremely fast and accurate, which seamlessly integrates the Bing search engine integrated with the delicacy of a search box specially designed for tablets.

Bing, Bing and Bing
Being cautious, but extremely consistent with the format of rectangular windows Windows Phone, the creators of this operating system they thought would be good to add a Bing application where search results will be delivered in the same way (this with a clear idea of facilitating use of touch technology in the tablet).

Integration of Twitter and Facebook from the beginning
For those who always want to stay abreast of what is happening with your friends, nothing better than using the “Contacts”, where thanks to the full integration offered by Windows 8 to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, see everything in one place what about our friends in real time with the “what’s New”.

Store for Windows 8
For those wishing to see how it will work the app store for Windows 8, there is good news, since some applications are already offered for this OS version RTM edition, which allows us to get a clear idea of what will come in October (which should not change substantially).

Other little details of Windows 8
Part of decorative innovations this year are having printed wallpapers, change the system of tiles that make up the interface, have an ISO file reader to mount these files directly without the need for external programs and new sounds for Windows.

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