Windows 8 changes everything, even the PCs


There is little to do release the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, which is already circulating in test format provisional license for consumers to get a clear picture of the changes. However, the replacement of the classic Windows interface for the call until recently “Metro” is not the only big difference with other operating systems of the brand, since OS exit now revolutionized the market and changed the hardware of computers forever.

There are many reasons why we can argue Windows 8 is the most important event in Microsoft along with the release of Windows XP, one of them is that computer manufacturers have announced sweeping changes to the hardware of their upcoming products (Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Dell, HP, etc.), where there are so many ads that have had to take the conference “IFA” in Berlin to make known everything.

Regarding Windows must recognize an important fact, one that can not be disputed, what is that like it or not is the most used OS on the planet and therefore, any changes made to it remecer√° most users worldwide. Proceeds from this is that we have seen how the new features of Windows (and the departure of Surface) has motivated manufacturers to “modify” the hardware they sell with this OS, as well as to present “hybrid” where there is a functionality tablet and ultrabook.

For now we have to recognize that the characteristics and potential of Windows 8 remain dormant and not patents, for the rest a long stretch to meet the hardware market will be reached in the medium term, but the projects presented are merely flashy .

New hybrid tablet-laptops
As many expected – while we were impressed with Microsoft Surface – Samsung, HP and others have given some samples of tablets with Windows 8 keyboard and fully functional. While the prototype we have already seen in the Asus Transformer Prime with Android, that project is more ambitious when we analyze the characteristics and requirements of the new Windows.

The idea of presenting this “project” under multiple brands due to the need to take advantage of the two ways to use Windows 8, which is a classic interface or desktop publishing “tablet” fully capable touch experience.

That’s the last thing we said that gradually we will see how this will ultrabooks with touch screens instead of conventional panels sold. Apparently this hardware will look exactly like that until now have been sold with Windows 7, although the addition of touch technology will add a new dimension of interaction and use the laptop.

AIO touch PC
The so-called All-in-One PC will now touch and come specially trained to provide the best experience with Windows 8 in both interfaces.

Laptops and Ultrabooks
We are confident that as a matter of “price” will continue to offer laptops and netbooks without touch technology, although we understand is nonsense considering the touch capabilities of the new operating system from Microsoft. However, the trump card of Redmond’s “abbreviations” keyboard that can be used to overcome this disability.

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