WhatsApp includes voice messages just a click

push-to-talkThe competence of IM applications is very hard. Skype, Line, and now We Chat Viber allow free calls; WhatsApp is why could not stay behind and started to innovate. Just include a tool that allows voice messages to a single touch, as if it were a walkie-talkie.

This new tool appears on the right of your text box with a symbol of a microphone (similar to those mobile devices) to use it you just have to hold it down and make the voice messages, to stop pushing this will automatically be sent. This new system is called “Push to Talk” (PTT) and better than existed with the external recorder mobile device.

The messages have no time limit and no files are fractionated, to see if the voice message reached its destination the icon will turn blue. So the 300 million WhatsApp users should already be testing this new tool voice.

“The voice messaging feature of WhatsApp is a personal project that took several months carefully designing” koum WhatsApp SEO.

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