What to do if your company decides to promote you

promotedAny professional should strive to excel, to be better valued and important decisions within a company. But if over time you do not get up, it is best to consider other job assignments. Professional life does not end in a company. Not hesitate for a moment, do not waste your time, if you promote your organization becomes an impossible mission will have to consider new business horizons.

But to ascend you must first prove you are worth, starting with a detailed analysis of the capabilities and skills we have. Ask yourself these questions: What are my skills, where I can add value and what moves me. Once you are clear about how far you can get, to achieve new goals, you will need to learn some values ??such as positivism, ambition, proactivity and innovation, they all are linked with wanting to go further, to grow professionally. Attitude is the basis for trying to succeed in this development. But not unique.

You should never lose your way or let anyone underestimate you. Nor should we be overly ambitious, or selfish and avoid the shadow of the boss. Be careful, try not to speak of the account and to listen, because only then will know the performance of the company. We must also be clear whether what is sought with this change is a promotion in pay or responsibility for new projects to stimulate.

If you get a promotion, we teach you how to act:

  • Continue to work with ease and with the same conviction that led the company to relocate to this professional in a position of greater responsibility.
  • Bring new blood, proposals and innovative ideas.
  • Degree of caution at first.
  • Listen and empathize with the new equipment and make him share common goals, reaching consensus with them through a clear, mediator and motivator to produce a soothing effect in times of change.
  • Before taking drastic decisions (in terms of personnel changes in the equipment) that can be traced back, should be explored all possible options.
  • Act maturely and be faithful to the principles, to be fair and try to win autonomy.

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