What to do if we can not afford to finance

financialIn making the statement of income, many taxpayers realize they can not afford to pay it, especially those during the past year were unemployed and working, which, as have two payers, the resulting figure is quite high. In this situation, we have several options:

Split the payment in two installments. The first 60% of the amount due, you must enter when we present the declaration on time. The second term, the remaining 40% can be entered until November 7, 2011. This division carries no interest payment.

To request deferment of farm debt. In this case, however, they have to pay default interest, 5. To request this deferral we have to show that we finance economic difficulties make it impossible to pay the tax in full and propose how they will pay that amount. Also, if the debt exceeds 6,000 Dollars, when requesting the postponement we also provide a guarantee, a mortgage, pledge or staff.

If the farm accepts our request, we will pay on time we have proposed, as if paid in respect of a loan.

Borrow from relatives: If we can, this is the best option because it will not have to pay interest. You can sign a private document which reflects the amount paid and the manner and terms of return we have agreed.

Apply for a loan: If we can show that we are not doing so to pay the tax, we can borrow. Currently, many institutions offer special loans to customers to cover this eventuality. The terms of these products vary, so you have to compare and hire the best deal so that we assume less debt.

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