What more rob me of my data?

apps-movilWhen we left home or office and leave the WiFi, mobile data begin to consume, often at an accelerated pace to finish, and never we learn why. That is why we have made a list of the types of applications that consume more data, so you can turn them off or ignore them.

Video apps

Video applications rank first of the “guzzlers my mobile data”. For example Youtube for 2 minutes of good quality video spends 2 MB of data, including well be seen from Facebook or other web. So it’s best to wait to be with WiFi connection to view video.

Instant messaging apps

Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, Viber etc., one could say that not spend much data as text messages are usually sent spend the least mobile data. However these are multimedia applications and also allow you to send text messages, send voice messages, images, files and even make phone calls; and these actions are devouring mobile data. If you want to save mobile data, only use these applications to send and receive text messages.

Map apps

Many think the GPS is equal to the car, and is not, in the car maps are lowered, while the mobile is on and collecting data from our location constantly. It is estimated that an application of maps like Google Maps, spends an average of 500 megabytes per month. To avoid this useless spending data have two options, configure your map application and only use WiFi connection or use alternative applications as Map.Me maps that work even offline.

Social networking apps

Probably if you have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, whatever they are over your mobile data spend. Share contents (videos, images etc.) are the main causes of these applications are a true devouring data. An average person who has these applications on their mobile spend 1GB of data per month. The only solution is not to use them away from the WiFi connection.


Although surfing is not among the first actions we do in our mobile, also spends considerably. For example if navigate an average of 10 sites a day, spending is 100 megabytes of data per month.

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