Ways Your Employees Affect the Success of Your Business

The overall success of your business relies on strong support from employees. A weak link in the chain anywhere within the organization could reduce efficiency as well as income. As a business owner, you want to have some of the best talent available in order to secure future success. People such as Jason Hanold can help provide that talent by matching qualified individuals with the positions you need filled.

Time Off

One of the perks of working in many businesses is being able to take time off for vacations or illnesses. While this time off could be justified, it’s also greatly reducing the income of the company. Not only are you paying for someone to take a day off, but the lack of productivity from this one individual could further increase your expenses. This isn’t saying that you shouldn’t offer these perks. However, an employee that calls in sick often may be more of a hindrance than an asset.

Work Ethics

An employee that doesn’t care about the business is going to have less conviction to get the job done. Instead of having a “can-do” attitude, he or she might have a “why should I” attitude. This reduces the productivity of the employee and could cause further problems by influencing the decisions of other employees. An ideal candidate will work to be an example of efficiency for others to follow. An employee doesn’t have to be a manager in order to inspire co-workers to do well.


An employee that doesn’t know certain tasks is less capable of succeeding than one that has experience. Positioning employees in areas they excel in can vastly increase the productivity of your business. However, there is nothing wrong with helping employees expand their knowledge by providing in-house training. This not only helps your staff become more useful to the organization, but they may be more eager to work as you help them develop skills they didn’t have before.


From interacting with customers to completing projects with co-workers, your employees need to have strong communication skills. This goes beyond being able to speak clearly. Attitude towards problems can be reflected in communications as well. For instance, an employee that cannot adapt to a disgruntled customer can hurt future purchases from this individual. Maintaining one’s cool during high-stress moments can be an effective way to keeping customers or being productive in the workplace.

As in professional sports, the business owner needs to assemble the best team possible for the money that is available. The more focused and professional your team is, the better your business can become. Find ways to motivate and inspire your staff on a regular basis to keep the momentum going. Fill your establishment with all-stars and take your company to higher forms of greatness.

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