Triviador World, strategy and trivia

triviadorFor lovers of the game of questions and answers, and strategy games comes “Triviador World”, a game already known in Facebook that comes in its mobile version, which is already generating buzz.

Triviador World is a simple game that is premised on the trivia, you play online against other players, plus the option to invite friends through Facebook. But unlike other games of questions and answers, these are made as if it were a battle of style as classic strategy game “Risk”, ie questions are resolved and not roll the dice. But also as you progress through the game, you can improve your city, in the style of many strategy games that are mobile today.

As games of strategy as we move forward we will belong to a clan or form one, besides the obvious improvements that have to win and collect gold. It also has versions countries, with questions focused on each country.

This is a fairly entertaining game playing trivia and see in it a more attractive option. You can download it for Android and iOS.

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