Tips to Saving Time and Money with Easy Auto Maintenance

Vehicles are not designed to function without periodic maintenance. if you use it without proper maintenance you will end up paying a lot more than what you could have spend on regular maintenance tasks. You can easily save money with simple auto maintenance tips which include:

 1. Tune up your vehicle

Your car should be tuned up for at least once a month. This is because poorly tuned-up vehicles consumes up to 30% gasoline every year. It is less expensive to regularly tune-up your car than to leave it consuming more gasoline which will be costly on your part. Your regular mechanic can do this for you and may even do it for free.
2. Change oil and oil filter in your care frequently

Apart from changing your car oil, it is important to ensure you use high-graded oil recommended by your car maintenance engineer. Frequent oil changes play a very crucial role in extending your engines life span. Whenever you change oil it’s important to ensure you change oil filters as well. Oil and filter changing expenses are less compared to what one can spend on engine wears and repairs.

 3. Check tire pressure regularly

Tires with low pressures cause drag in your car causing it to consume more gasoline to maintain the speed. One can lose 4% to 6% gasoline mileage for every pound during inflation. If you compare the cost involved in checking your tire pressure with gasoline loss due to low pressure, you realize that with fully pressured tires you can save more money.

4. Clean engines air filter regularly

Dirty air filters reduce gasoline mileage and shorten engines life span. Engines should be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated dust particles using an air hose. If significant damages are noticed the filter should be replaced to avoid causing damages to engine which can be more expensive to replace.


5. Use of recommended tires

There are tires that are recommended by manufacturers and engineers. Again, steel-belted radial tires are highly recommendable for safety and durability. When purchasing them ensure they are not expired for them to last longer. With the right tires and appropriate radial size one can increase gasoline mileage and engine maintenance amounting to plenty of savings.

 6. Balanced tires

Imbalanced tires can wear out cars shock absorbers and damage suspension system which can lead to high expenses and accidents. Balanced tires can last longer leading to more savings.

7. Use of recommended gasoline 

Unleaded gasoline is recommended. However, in most countries there are various prices and grades of gasoline but the cost doesn’t always determine its effects on your car. It is important to follow your car engineer’s advice. Unless you vehicle has a high performance engine or maybe your engineer or manufacturer recommends high octane gasoline, one can use cheaper one. One can save more fuel with the right gasoline for a given vehicle.


       8. Regular fluid level check

Low battery water in most cases shortens batteries life span. For a car to function properly one should always check these fluids:

  •  Radiator coolants
  •  Automotive transmission fluid
  •  Brake fluid
  •  Clutch fluid

Failure to check these fluids may lead to breaks failure, engine damages or even clashes. Engine repair or replacement is far much expensive compared to maintenance costs.

         9. Tire alignment 

Tire alignment check should be done at least four times a year. Poor alignments lead to uneven wear off, especially front ones. The cost of buying new ones and tire alignment cost is insignificant.

As you strive to save money through effective car maintenance, it is important to understand that even by being on the wrong side of the law can cost you a lot. UK law states that one must display a tax disc number which acts as a proof of vehicles payments. Take these tips to heart and save more money.

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