Tips to grow our small business

In an enterprise or small business, the most important thing is to know how to make the right decisions, thinking what to do and should be omitted before developing an idea.

At present there are many people who have the “intention” of starting your own business, to be “entrepreneurs”, but unfortunately few really take the steps necessary to turn their ambitions. In this perspective, we can do nothing but congratulate all struggling to get their expectations and begin to develop a small business.

There is nothing better than having a good idea or maybe a great product that allows us to take ultimate control over personal finances and career do not you think? But before achieving success must overcome a couple of obstacles – like everyone else – and in that sense it is necessary to pay attention to what we do. It should be used to review our work or project twice to avoid errors or omissions that impair our expectations.

Many would be surprised at the amount of people underestimate – or exaggerate – the importance of double-check what we do, especially when you have to talk about creating a business. Few understand that it is important to connect with potential customers we would create our enterprise, since often it is they who do the work for us.

Potential customers: Let them do their job

Most understand the concept of “potential clients” as the possible portfolio that one could administer to make things right, we open a particular business or undertake specific marketing plan, but what happens if we approach it from another form?

Potential customers are not necessarily our end customers, but also can become our most important promoters. This can explain it in a simple way through an example. Imagine that we have created a service that people can only access a certain socioeconomic status, do not have sufficient resources to develop a massive marketing campaign, but we know we have a really good product What can we do? Turn them into our marketing campaign.

As in all things, every time we try to sell something we have to overcome a classic problem, which is to show the customer that what serves and offer great benefits you’ll get after purchase. However, we suggest in this article is to convert this lead into a promoter star, and it does not try to “sell” our product but we will deliver it for free for a limited time for what? For all your environment to see, know, taste, and finish by contacting us crave.

From inside the idea to do two scopes:

  1. The potential customer can not be anything, but must be in a privileged position, you must have a high level of contact and interact with people who are part of our target market.
  2. The star prospect to be admired, credible and have a good track record, very good at what he does.

From everything I have said, there are six tips that we can deliver to grow our small business or enterprise.

Know your clients
Who are you trying to reach? Are we really doing proper search of customers? If the product we produce is not intended for the masses, it makes little sense to do a campaign that focuses on them, then Why waste resources on it?

Find your clients
How did we reach the right customers? It is imperative to use social media, television, radio or newspapers to reach potential customers that need. If we seek to reach people of great influence as senior executives or specialists in a particular area, we have to do is figure out how they want to be contacted (mail, industry publications, direct call, etc..).

Connect with your clients
There is nothing better than creating networking and personal with our potential customers (stars). Attend professional events, conferences and workstations where precisely these customers. It is always advisable to take the advantage of having friends or business associates that somehow we present these customers need star.

Arrange your clients
Regardless of the type of product or service you offer, very few people will buy without asking why or wherefore. It is always good to offer free samples of what we deliver, demonstrate to our customers exclusive stars and then tap the “word of mouth” that generate the experience.

Deliver what you promise
One thing we must always be clear, before undertaking anything, is that we are actually able to deliver what we are offering. Product quality and delivery of service time, are the key to success.

Marketing using your clients
Leveraging our customers stars to gain a testimony of how good your product or service benefit is always a good idea, and we should not be afraid to ask for it under any circumstances. The best advertising we can have always come from the hand of a satisfied customer.

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