Tips for finding work after 45

jobsAlthough unemployment is affecting the whole population, the unemployed are aged 45 years, with young people seeking their first job, the two age groups are finding it harder to return to their jobs once they have lost above. However, it is difficult does not mean it’s impossible. If this is our case, what we do is redirect our search by following guidelines provided by experts to make good on our experience and our careers.

Be flexible: It is not easy to find at age 45 earning a salary lower than in the previous position or a part-time work, but any job can be our springboard to a more stable and better paid. So do not reject in advance no choice.

Keep up to date: You must keep abreast of innovations in the tools we work with, especially if it is within the scope of computer science or information technology. Therefore you must update your skills through training, so that you can overcome the skills tests for job interviews.

Do not hesitate to use your contacts, which often turn out to be one of the most effective ways to find employment. It also pays close attention to social networks, which now have become a mainstay of the job search, especially if looking for a job at management level.

Compose your resume in reverse chronological order, so that first appear charges and the most important features and where you have more experience. Do not forget to update your resume and adapt to the post you want to apply, and the letter.

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