The Inspiring Stephen Dattels

Do you know who Stephen Dattels is? Perhaps, some of you might have heard that name before.
Yes, it is true that we are talking about a businessman who comes from Canada and he is known as the
god father in the mining industry. Well, such attribute is achieved with his accomplishments over last 25 years.

If you are familiar with Uramin, Inc. you should know that Mr. Dattels was one of the founding councils.
He earned his bachelor’s degree from McGill University and he also got a law degree with cum laude from University of Western Ontario. After that, he entered Harvard and he took Program for Management Development as his major. Eventually he became one of the most successful Canadian businessmen
in the field of mining industry. Right now, Stephen Dattels is the Non-Executive Co-Chairman of Regent Pacific Group.

At the same time, he is also the director of Regent Coal. By considering his past achievements, it seems that he will continue with new breakthroughs in the few next years. If you find this person quite inspiring, you can simply seek for the further information from the internet. If you are considering a career in mining you should also know about Stephen Dattels.

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