The importance of the work environment


The working environment of an organization is a more than important for the health of both the organization can be a company, such as health human resources.

The working environment is crossed by several aspects such as power relations. The latter are impossible to avoid and the company has to take care of these aspects in order to not undermine the positive work climate.

    • Have spaces for both individual and group reflection where we can put into words the distress that may have an employee or member of the organization
    • Provide recognition for work well done by workers
    • Trying to make participation at various levels of the organization and encourage horizontal communication and decision-making levels, as far as possible
    • Neutralize any units that are not working in a good organizational climate. That is, human resource or group of people who are in any way encouraging a bad relationship among their peers or go against the ideals of the organization. This does not mean fire them but address the situation to promote change in attitude

  • Establish formal work processes and specific functions for each level and executive and planning unit
  • No further division of manual work and planning but should aim to diversify functions to the extent of existing capabilities
  • Having a clear survey of human resources, their capabilities, training and actual levels of action
  • Avoid “cronyism” or traversing affective reward performance or capabilities but not exactly, emotional issues. End of an organization has to be your good work and not have people be nice or “friend”
  • A paradigmatic example of good foster good working environment is Google where employees have opportunities for entertainment and leisure to rest and rebuild their courage to face the work. This has been very successful and if not, just look at Google results
  • All that points to lower stiffness, more open, more participatory work environment favors. Everything that makes the employee is “empowering” or identify with the ideals or the organizational culture will foster a good working environment
  • Rigid systems and long hours are not good to promote a good working environment. Nor performance appraisal systems that take these variables. If you want to improve the productivity of the organization should be assessed according to the outcomes or results rather than if you arrive on time or meet a schedule

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