The characteristics of every entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, even in times of uncertainty is posited as an alternative employment. The venture requires hard work, sacrifice, motivation and knowledge. The truth is that real entrepreneurs do not cease to be or to do so at any time in his career. These are individuals who live their profession thinking constantly changing, they know that the collective and individual transformation is necessary for survival, adapting understood as a way to stay alive. Adapt or die, live with that idea an entrepreneur, whatever the sector, which puts her life. For this, the attitude is very important, these are the characteristics of every entrepreneur:

Spot the difference, the different path. The entrepreneur needs the essential point of madness, which is required for generating an extra dose of courage, courage to begin the project, power to transform an idea into action and keep it at the time. No running water is what carries, but nothing by choosing the road. Know that only dead fish are washed away.

It is realistic. Why not be anything but live with “their reality” because reality shows from the other side, an unusual way, and he knows to differentiate what is potentially achievable, although difficult, what is mind-bogglingly impossible.

Do not confuse creativity with genius. It will not be a genius, but with sustained effort can, discipline and determination to succeed in their project. This creative ability allows you to not confuse the impossible with the difficult. When it is impossible to seek new ways possible, it is difficult to not give up the search effort and energy that take you to your goal.

They are humble. He knows that the road you have to keep learning, listening, evaluating, changing, if necessary, adjust. Run away from dogmatism, fear and complacency toxic. Known to be living in the era of collaboration, where the verb is basic share subsistence. It is open to new technologies and new ways of working.

There is capacity resilient. Understood the suffering as something that will be playing live. No leaves in the present, is faced with the difficulties that come without taking his eyes of the future that awaits. He knows that the creative paradox goes to turn adversity into strength, success engine.

It draws from multiple cultures. Listen empathetically and explore endlessly. The analogy is something that lives in your mind seamlessly. It’s funny. Is enriched with almost anything. Critical change within a creative internal development.

They love what they do. Understood their vocation out of love. Knows that the illusion is generated from the enthusiasm and it will take to set goals and achieve them.

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