Telephone etiquette and the importance of it

Telephone etiquette is the essential cornerstone of any efficient and successful customer service interaction between companies and their customers. When a highly negative customer service experience occurs after dealing with a company’s representative, news travels fast. The collateral damage to a business’s reputation from one momentary lapse of undignified language can spread online via social media or escalate to the local and national news levels. Impact Learning Services, a division of Miller Heiman, offers quality customer service training solutions to help ensure that your business employees are maintaining a professional reflection of your company’s sacred image.

There is a direct correlation between friendly and helpful customer service and a business’ profit margins. Customers have plenty of options of where they can spend their money and they prefer to do business with a company that values them and has respect for their needs. Impact Learning Services offers customer service training solutions for technical support departments, non-technical business representatives and also field service workers. You can also upgrade your staff’s telephone sales, up-selling strategies and cross-selling techniques. Impact Learning Services’s training services also include opportunities to improve upon chat and e-mail etiquette, coach and manager training, diagnostic troubleshooting and even offers customized training programs.

If you have an experienced trainer among your staff that has a great rapport with employees, Impact Learning Services can also provide you with the comprehensive materials to administer their customer service training internally. For more information about these exciting customer service etiquette services, contact Impact Leaning Services at

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