Technology skills that stolen from us

tejerWe can start this article wondering when was the last time you read a map or horneaste bread; certainly long or you do not arrive at 20 years ever. No one can deny that technology makes our lives greatly, but also causes us to lose some skills that 50 years ago were as common as tying shoelaces.

A study sponsored by Ordnance Survey mapping company, determined man of today has lost or is losing some skills that were previously considered common, simple, everyday, like reading a map, making bread or guided by a compass . Meanwhile the online newspaper Daily Mail, based on the study published 20 skills we have lost in the last 50 years and that new generations nor known. Here are some of those skills that we have lost.

Reading a map

Since the advent of GPS and mapping applications such as “Google Maps”, read a physical map is a thing of yesterday, also find it increasingly difficult maps.

Oriented with a compass

Today we remember the cardinal points, but the GPS and its ease of use and the fact that mobile devices is killed compass and how to use it is almost a historical skill.

Tie a knot in particular

Sure they remember those who were Boy Scouts tying knots, but before it was so necessary to know them because they were part of daily life. Today is an outdated practice that few can do, probably the only knot we do is to tie our shoes.

Mending socks

Once the clothes were very expensive and we could not give ourselves to throw because he had a hole. Mothers were adept at mending, including in schools taught men and women do. Today is just a memory.

Find an entry in a book

The internet has almost killed the books, let alone find information. That ability is almost history, but for romantics the book never go out of style.

Grammar and spelling

They say that every time you type less and write worse, unfortunately it is true, new technologies are killing of a few grammar.

Correct text

The correction of the various applications (such as Word) do today, but not always so good. Another skill that we are forgetting with good grammar and writing.

Understand units of weight

This ability has been supplied by the converters, also today this information is part of the product we buy. Without forgetting that it has lost some importance.

To move from one unit of measure

How big is a yard, a foot or a league ?, certainly you do not know and you should see your smartphone.

Make fire

Although the match or matches older than 50, make fire was a basic skill we all know, today we do it with a lighter or lighter, or matches.


Every time you write less by hand, so that the art of calligraphy is a thing of the past, today see a good penmanship is almost impossible.

To knit

Today it’s up to grandmothers, but before weaving was as important as cooking.

Remember phone numbers

Today hopefully remember our own phone number, so that we have a smartphone that reminds us hundreds of numbers. Smartphones were not there before and did not always have the agenda at hand, the memory was our own list of phone numbers.

Make bread

While bakeries and bakers are hundreds of years, making bread at home was very common, of course if you wanted freshly baked and day. Today almost nobody bakes bread at home, it’s almost nothing at home bakes.

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