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China: Prison for those who defame on the Internet

Today we published an official document made by China’s Supreme Court and the Supreme, which determined that everyone who uses the internet to defame someone will pay three years in prison. To crystallize the crime, defamation must be at least 500 times and reached the 5000 views. The authors of this crime on the Internet […]

Amazon prepares game console

While Sony announced the official launch of its own PlayStation 4 and Microsoft with its Xbox One, appears an unexpected competitor. The website that specializes in video games Game Informer, just ensure the company is preparing a new video game console, the system would work with Android and launched on 29 May (famous “Black […]

Xbox SmartGlass, learning to play with dual screens

The technology known as Xbox SmartGlass was finally unveiled by Microsoft, which aims through this initiative powerfully innovate the gameplay of its consumers. The idea is precisely to enable the integration of tablets and smartphones to its Xbox home console. The idea is to convert SmartGlass not control external devices, but rather to complement the […]

Wii U Controller Pro, another controller to play

Nintendo yesterday taught us just over Wii U through a prerecorded video half an hour. Iwata talked about enough on a Nintendo Direct devoted exclusively to the console, and while we wait summoned to the conference that the Big N take place tomorrow for more details, they were dropped some news. The U Wii Controller […]