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Free from Anxiety and Panic Disorder

By considering the condition at this recent time, we can conclude that we are actually living in an era where everything is so complicated. Such complexity makes it possible for the people to suffer from various bad effects. Well, to give you the examples of the bad effects are the panic disorder, anxiety, stress, and […]

Reduce Your Stress when Pregnancy Period

During pregnancy period, usually a woman will feel stress because she will get more thought and feel more pains. That’s not strange because the feeling is natural for a pregnant woman. Although some of them don’t experience with uncomfortable times, but it’s not a bad thing. Thinking about your baby, the labor pain, and more […]

Pilates Exercises to improve your body and your mind


Pilates exercises are good for your body and your mind. Pilates exercises are performed on a flat surface, usually on a mat laid on the ground. Pilates exercises draw their inspiration from yoga but also in dance and gymnastics. Pilates helps in losing weight among other arms. Pilates exercises are based on 8 guidelines intended […]