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Bill Gates, the best classes will be online and not in person


Bill Gates said that in five years there will be as important degree from a university, such as the study of e-learning will be a better alternative evaluated. The renowned founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, believes that over the next five years the changes that take place in higher education will be so profound, that […]

Profitability of clicks on advertising campaigns

Advertising pricing may change depending on the system chosen by the editors, CPM or CPC, according to a study by Eyeblaster. According to surveys and Rubicom Econsultancy Project, 63% of those in charge of publicity for a site ponder the success or failure of a particular campaign based on the results of the CPM, however, […]

Six key elements to create a brand

create brand

Fundamental aspects to create a brand are originality, purpose and identity. To create the name of a company should take into account elements such as the validity of the name, corporate identity and purpose. Anyone who starts a new business, plan investment strategies, define work systems, observed the functioning of the market that aims to […]