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Why buy gold bullion?

investing in gold

In a world that was covered by the financial crisis in recent years, needed a tool that allows a safe investment, this tool is buy bullion. Since ancient times change have been advanced by the beauty of gold and power in people’s lives is fascinating. The correlation of these two aspects, one can say that gold is a […]

How to incubate future business within your current company

business future

Business incubators are a new alternative for entrepreneurs to start new enterprises starting from existing ones. There is an interesting option for creating new businesses, and is currently due to the integration of various professions, there is what we call consultants, or companies that cover a wide spectrum of needs, among which stand out for […]

Henry Kravis, the man who helped Economy in New York

New York is fortunate to have Henry Kravis tried their utmost to contribute to the growth of the economy of New York. Not only has that, he also small businesses in New York helped to obtain the necessary resources to compete in the economy. Henry Kravis has become one of the founders of several companies […]