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What is phubbing?

Phubbing is a term acronym for the English words snubbing phone and (phone and snub). Campaign against Phubbing This unsavory practice that has many followers and began to have enemies. The young Australian Alex Haigh (22 years) has started a social media campaign called “Stop Phubbing” (High to phubbing). He started by Facebook and quickly […]

Scandal: Michelle Obama as a monkey on Google images

As explained by Guy Birenbaum in “Le Grand Direct Media” by Jean-Marc Morandini in Europe 1, Google is at the heart of a controversy following the publication of a photo montage of Michelle Obama … in monkeys, first or second position when you type the name of the first lady of USA on Google Images! […]

Succeeding failure

Earning a living online. Earning a living online is the dream of millions of people on the planet. Regardless of his place of residence, through the Web, it is now possible to earn money even while sleeping. But when it comes time to put it is where everything changes. Where to start? How we go? […]

Tips for choosing your web host

Everyone knows that when starting a new web project or continue with the service provided by an existing web site, one of the priority is to select the provider that will host the web hosting which will register domain because of the decision taken in this regard will depend on availability and proper maintenance of […]

About the calendar of the United Nations to organize your family divided

And enough to organize always easy to be with your family. Just a little bit of work, not much, my Just a little. “Since” everyone in the family a busy schedule these days in dates. City, that we are missing something in relation to the priorities of the family. When setting up a company for […]

Breaking News Website Shares? Useful! Parliamentarians

Forgive my boldness, but I’m willing to bet 10% of my annual profits that your company can be much more profitable than at present. Ask yourself, ‘Why do companies that want to see their name and products as often as possible in their advertising?’ And how did the trademark Kleenex use advertising to become the […]