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Finding the perfect employee

The companies are again hiring and there is the same fear as always: the wrong choice in hiring the worker. It is always a gamble because it is difficult to know a person well in a couple of interviews. Moreover, the number of candidates offered to apply for a post has grown considerably, so if […]

Social brands as intermediaries between companies and consumers

social brands

The various social changes that have lived motivate new customers to be more responsible and concerned about what happens around him, and most importantly, to take the weight of the consequences generated by their decisions in the market. Terms like “corporate social responsibility”, “climate change”, “environment”and others like it have become increasingly used and what […]

Apple is working on economic iPhones


Apple is working on its first line of cheap iPhones in order to accelerate sales of smartphones in the context of increasingly fierce competition. It is estimated that the new models will cost about half the cost of an iPhone and also have a size smaller than the models currently on the market. Apple recently […]

How to establish your brand through Color Brochure Printing

Your brand is the product that sells to your target market. So you have to make sure that what develops will be proud to play for all citizens to see. Now, this may be refined and developed through a color brochure printing. You just know which aspects you should focus on and how. After your […]