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Special Massage Treatment for Pregnant Mother

One of common problems faced by pregnant mother is stress. Stress makes you have to feel deep tiredness and of course it gives bad impact to your health and of course your baby. Actually, you just need to have time to relax and this is the reason why HandAndStone.Com is published to the public. This […]

Reduce Your Stress when Pregnancy Period

During pregnancy period, usually a woman will feel stress because she will get more thought and feel more pains. That’s not strange because the feeling is natural for a pregnant woman. Although some of them don’t experience with uncomfortable times, but it’s not a bad thing. Thinking about your baby, the labor pain, and more […]

Massage for Women in Pregnancy Period

After marriage, every woman will face pregnancy period. There are many things which she will meet during that time. Sometimes, pregnant woman feel stress, especially when the birth time is almost close. Feeling stress can make your body not good and may be able to affect your baby. Actually, you can do massage throughout pregnancy […]