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What are dividends?

Although we possess no shares in a company, we may be familiar with the term dividends, you hear constantly in the media, but not everyone really clear what we mean when we refer to dividends. But who are shareholders do know, and it is not surprising, since dividends are the profits that provides them being […]

Why buy gold bullion?

investing in gold

In a world that was covered by the financial crisis in recent years, needed a tool that allows a safe investment, this tool is buy bullion. Since ancient times change have been advanced by the beauty of gold and power in people’s lives is fascinating. The correlation of these two aspects, one can say that gold is a […]

Using promotional products in retail stores

Promotional give away in your retail store can be a great way to seduce your customers into spending more money. For the uninitiated, the concept of gift items to increase sales may sound strange, but in reality, is one of the best and most effective ways of using promotional products. Immediate and long-term purchase incentives […]