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Obopay launches its application to the U.S. Apps Store

Obopay, which launched its application on the iPhone apps store U.S., mobile payment is the activity that will be most prolific in 2010 in many areas, the ads this week have been many: The founder of twitter that launches Square Verizon, which launched the same service, that Paypal pre-announcement of mobile services in 2010 and […]

Google Drive comes in April, more storage options

google drive

When we talk about web hosting services there are many alternatives to review, although some of the best known are “Dropbox, Skydrive and icloud”. Currently only Microsoft and Apple have entered efficiently in this market segment increasingly important in professional development and personal users, but that’s about to change on arrival “Google Drive” in April. […]

Using Twitter to boost your Google ranking


Since the announcement in December by Matt Cutts, of Google, about this medium is a factor of social cues to make decisions, people are wondering: what are these social cues? If the social authority is a rating factor, many people find Twitter a boost for fast positioning. Google does not give the same kind of […]

Commercial design blog, learn how to improve the look of your blog

Care business blog design is a very important section, so we recommend using colors and custom favicon. Conceptual development section of a blog business is very important, especially if personal philosophy is changing to a more professional. Having a good commercial design in the blog is synonymous with loyalty visits, same case as with the […]

Personal brand: uses and abuses

personal branding

While the brand is a more personal, promotion differs subtly from the rest of the commercial. Review their strategies and make adjustments if necessary. Many people who have managed a career or are in the process, are excellent professionals, entrepreneurs and / or experts on a topic of collective interest, and this excellence is precisely […]

Social networks as a platform for brand positioning

brands social networks

The new platform for brand positioning are social networks, who will amplify what consumers want “today.” Social networks have evolved from the time of their creation, important part of what have shaped consumers and businesses, who have joined the process and began offering sponsored search, among other things, but how far do you have exploited […]

Announcements – To make it work?

Ads are still very popular and powerful form of advertising for small businesses. Many people browse through them every day to see if something catches their eyes. They are cheap, easy and effective way to reach a wide target audience. If you intend to use this form of advertising, however, you must make every word. […]