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Easy Way to Solve Your Financial Issue with WCU

There are so many things we can do to deal with the financial crisis. Well, we can get credit from bank if we want because this can be very good for you to find the help to get cash or maybe you want to invest your money. This is pretty good and it will be […]

What should we consider when we review the mortgage

For most of the mortgaged one of the most distressing is if because of its variable rate, their time comes to review the mortgage, because a continuous upward trend in Euribor as in recent months, tends to raise the share sometimes to the same limits that revenues can not cope. The review is conducted by […]

What to do if we can not afford to finance

In making the statement of income, many taxpayers realize they can not afford to pay it, especially those during the past year were unemployed and working, which, as have two payers, the resulting figure is quite high. In this situation, we have several options: Split the payment in two installments. The first 60% of the […]