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Kiosks manufacturing trends

Competition among companies has increased considerably in recent times. As a result, you feel the need to improve marketing methods and proper research in order to improve business productivity. In order to present a better image of the consumer market, small business, business houses and multinational conglomerates have begun to adopt new marketing strategies. Small […]

Marketing Support for Improving Business

So many kinds of business are improved online. We can find many businessmen have websites to reach more customers. In addition, in online market, lots of strategies can be reached to get more effectiveness in promotion. Many marketing strategies are effective to give value for a business to get more income and more profit because […]

Content Marketing Strategies


One of the most efficient, simple and low cost to attract traffic and advertising business is the marketing of content, one that focuses on delivering optimized information in order to attract public attention. See below some of the best strategies to improve the effectiveness of content marketing. Planning the content Ben Young, co-founder of digital […]

Electronic Commerce: errors in marketing strategy

Entrepreneurs today have had to adapt gradually to new communication technologies and ways that basically rely on social networks (Facebook and Twitter). The change is not minor when you consider that the exhibition of products, goods and services now revolves around the satisfaction of needs of customers who identify their own needs and are no […]

Carolyn Watt Appointed As Managing Director At Atomic PR Europe Division

UK-based PR firm Grayling and San Francisco-based PR firm Atomic PR are now working together as one to expand their market share and global footprint. This merger of talent and skills has also brought the addition of Carolyn Watt, appointed in April as Europe Managing Director. Ms. Watt brings over ten years of traditional, digital […]

The most common errors of marketing to women

woman errors marketing

The universe of women workers increased significantly in four years, making them one of the hottest markets today. The importance of women in marketing is critical. Why? because it has been found to represent 51% of the total market and are the ones who ultimately make purchases 80% of the time. Women have an annual […]

Branding and marketing are inseparable concepts


The relationship between branding and marketing is more profound than many believe, why can not abandon the potential of the brand only to advertisers. Branding is a concept that can not be understood separately from the marketing, as this is part of the purpose of another. The relationship of Branding and marketing is obvious, since […]

Printing on canvas – Helping you create an image Makeover

In business, everything must be planned out. This includes material that will be used to be able to spread the word about you. This is to ensure that only good words come to be known by its target market. Printing on canvas offers style and convenience you can opt to further promote and market what […]