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Steps to create a business plan

It’s time to start a new business, to start a company must be clear about the project and the strategic development plan. Here are some tips you can not forget. 1. The idea is not everything You have to be realistic, a good idea is a good start but it will be difficult to carry […]

Entering a business on Facebook


A survey conducted in 2010 by Nielsen, showed that people spend on Facebook a number average of 7 hours per month. The use of Facebook is seen by many as a form of fun and spend time, however, there are many companies that have managed to introduce their business in this technological platform with good […]

Secure Your Business Identity By Registering Trademark

A trademark registration is the most important step that every entrepreneur should take. Registering your trademark will helps to ensure that a particular product, company name, products, service or even the logo of your company. Today, there are many services for trademark registration to enable companies that have made the whole process of a brand […]

Multiple Niche Marketing

Advertising for niche markets is attractive because it offers the possibility to focus much marketing. You can have all the materials strongly oriented towards a specific group, and as targeted as any type of marketing has become easier to achieve success with it. You can be sure that you are designing something that customers like, […]