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The importance of planning

The importance of planning can never be stressed enough. Consider the failure of dot-coms in 2000 for example. Many of these companies have failed because of poor planning. The lack of market knowledge, competition and environment are some factors that explain this failure could have been avoided by proper planning. Thus, it is essential that […]

Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising if used correctly can absolutely explode your bank account. Unfortunately, unless you know what you’re doing, pay-per-click advertising can rip your bank account to pieces. Pay per click advertising can make your search engine optimization much faster and easier. You do not have to wait weeks or months to slowly climb […]

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Business Cards Printing


Business cards are one of the most affordable materials that you can use in your marketing campaign. They are also very versatile and offers several options on how you can use in different situations. Their size allows them to be compact and can be easily transported wherever they may be under way. For this reason, […]

Why is your news agency is important for your brand marketing

news agency

A perfect relationship actually exists between you and your partner, booklet printing. I’ve used ‘partner’ here and not company or retailer, because this is what your printer’s manual or even your catalog design firm – are the ideal partner for the creation of marketing materials for your business. The partnership is to build and at […]

The most common errors of marketing to women

woman errors marketing

The universe of women workers increased significantly in four years, making them one of the hottest markets today. The importance of women in marketing is critical. Why? because it has been found to represent 51% of the total market and are the ones who ultimately make purchases 80% of the time. Women have an annual […]

Influence of online advertising on brands


Online advertising usually is measured in statistical terms of clicks, but a recent study claims that prolonged exposure of a brand generates a positive effect on the Branding of a company. The study was conducted by the BVDW (German Association of Digital Economy), which was concerned with measuring the level of success and effectiveness of […]

A Modest Proposal

Modesty is a virtue. Its also one of the first obstacles startup entrepreneurs first getting into advertising. Its not surprising, really. After a lifetime of parents and teachers scolding us for bragging and all of the little truisms like, ‘Satisfaction has no friends,’ his wonder we are initially hesitant to praise ourselves publicly. The thing […]

Maintaining long-term Push Marketing

Good marketing costs money. An obvious statement, but many companies still need to come to terms with. There are ways to get free advertising, such as when it is spoken by a radio station or television program, but really, how often does that happen? When was the last time you had a local station to […]