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Asus implements Thunderbolt Ivy Bridge Plaque


Thunderbolt is a unique system from Apple, one that makes hallucinate a lot of users who usually have to pass information or simply want the best technology. Well, now this system was no longer exclusively for Apple users and extends to the rest of us thanks to Asus, who already implemented in a number of […]

AMD Trinity, finally was launched competition to Intel

This is excellent news which comes from AMD, they finally released the second generation of APU models, so you get an improvement in battery performance, and other improvements. Best of all is that they begin to compete side by side with the platform of “ultrabooks” that Intel has monopolized so well with several manufacturers through […]

Toshiba Satellite 2012, new line of laptops


The laptop market has declined markedly in favor of devices that have greater mobility, such as smartphones, tablets and finally to the ultrabooks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Toshiba still has a high market share in sales of notebooks, for it introduces its 2012 line of laptops touting their sales and dispensing with the new Intel platform […]