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Apple introduces 2 new iPhones

In an expected simultaneous event in Cupertino headquarters (California – USA), Berlin (Germany) and Beijing (China), the technology giant Apple introduced its two new iPhones, the iPhone expected and the new iPhone 5S and 5C. The new iPhone 5S As expected, following the trend of other iPhones, was baptized as 5S, the measures remain compared […]

Apple formalizes the presentation of its new iPhone

What was a strong rumor was confirmed today, the technology company of the bitten apple officially launched its new iPhone, the appointment is on Tuesday 10th September at 10 am (Pacific Time), on the campus of Apple in Cupertino (USA) and confirmed by the web specializing in technology the Verge. As we announced a few […]

New iPhone will have a more powerful processor

As we announced a few days ago, Apple has been cooking his new iPhone and increasingly know more details. This time the news is on the processor, the Fox News reporter, Clayton Morris has just published a source very close to Apple have shown the chip of the new iPhone, it would be a 64-bit […]

Filtered images of the new iPhone

As we announced last week, Apple is working on a new iPhone, which would come on September 5. But true to form, the bitten apple company has not given many details of your new device. The Japanese website published a photograph with 3 cases of the new iPhone, as we can see one in […]

Apple launches trial version of iOS 7

Apple begins to heat the room, and what better way than throwing a trial version of its iOS operating system 7. This “beta” can only be downloaded wirelessly (OTA) and comes with some bug fixes from the previous version (iOS 6). But not only can be downloaded wirelessly, you can also download the Developer Center […]

Apple is approaching China Mobile

This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook had an important meeting with the president of China Mobile, Xi Guohua, in the city of Beijing. The purpose of this unusual meeting, reach an agreement for the future sale of iPhone and iPad devices. Recall that this Chinese company is one of the few in the world still […]

Obopay launches its application to the U.S. Apps Store

Obopay, which launched its application on the iPhone apps store U.S., mobile payment is the activity that will be most prolific in 2010 in many areas, the ads this week have been many: The founder of twitter that launches Square Verizon, which launched the same service, that Paypal pre-announcement of mobile services in 2010 and […]

Google introduces changes and service launches Drive

Google stubbornly improve what is known as “Google Docs” by the launch of Google Drive, a service that now may represent clear benefits to users who were accustomed to using tools such as Dropbox, among others. One of the interesting facets of Google Drive is not exhausted in the integration with Google Docs, but since […]