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Wii U Controller Pro, another controller to play

Nintendo yesterday taught us just over Wii U through a prerecorded video half an hour. Iwata talked about enough on a Nintendo Direct devoted exclusively to the console, and while we wait summoned to the conference that the Big N take place tomorrow for more details, they were dropped some news. The U Wii Controller […]

Fifa 13, learning to play football again

Managers to develop Fifa 13 (EA Sports) have begun to deliver samples of what will be the continuation of one of the major football franchises in gaming history, so we should not be surprised by the efforts of this team to beat the Pro Evolution Soccer always competitive. The bar made ??with Fifa 12 is […]

How to increase business competitiveness

In an increasingly complex environment where many companies providing the same services and manufactured goods themselves struggling to survive, the only way forward with the business and make the business succeed is to improve their competitiveness in thus, to stand above the rest both in terms of market and customer. To increase the competitiveness of […]

Personal Branding, how to discover and create a personal brand

personal branding

The creation and consolidation of an authentic personal brand needs, strategy and some tools to put it into reality. The development of Personal Branding is now important for anyone seeking to transform their work and works in a personal brand, and its development is increasingly closer thanks to the various tools that are available on […]