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Greeting Card Printing: Elements of the paper

Postcards are great way to stay in touch with your customers. While most of the other methods of advertising and marketing focus on a particular product or service, greeting card printing is more about the customer in mind you’re there and you care. As you develop a greeting card printing campaign, you should keep a […]

The secret of the Custom Postcards

The secret weapon for the largest seller of cars in the world, Joe Girard, was personalized greeting cards. This is somewhat ‘common knowledge that most surprises people who study Joe’s sales techniques. Why custom greeting cards work so well? How can you harness the power of this simple little tool? Why greeting cards work The […]

A strong marketing push before

The first marketing push that company can not be one of the most important what you will. The first reason is because people like to try new things. Just ask what you think you every time you see a new business opening. Perhaps they are very few that no one else can offer? Perhaps it […]