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Google launches new Android 4.4 system

As we know, Google been cooking for some time the new version of its mobile operating system. On Tuesday introduced the Android 4.4 KitKat, name to a famous Nestle brand chocolate. All versions of Android is named after a candy or dessert, and knew the ice cream sandwich, bagel or gingerbread cookie, this time it […]

Google admits Gmail does not have total privacy

In the last May for violating Google was reported to the privacy of Gmail users, although the company said that the complaint was unfounded, this week filed a 30-page document in the courts of San Jose (California – United States), which defends a lawsuit accusing him of spying on its users. This complaint quickly echoed […]

Scandal: Michelle Obama as a monkey on Google images

As explained by Guy Birenbaum in “Le Grand Direct Media” by Jean-Marc Morandini in Europe 1, Google is at the heart of a controversy following the publication of a photo montage of Michelle Obama … in monkeys, first or second position when you type the name of the first lady of USA on Google Images! […]

Google Image Swirl

Images of research can be a pain sometimes when you are looking for a specific type. Google has introduced an experimental feature called vortex of images in Google Labs to relieve fatigue during the image search. As Google is wisely – ‘the basic technology is a work in progress, no specific time limit has not […]

Blog Marketing to make money

The Blog marketing is something more than in all those who have a blog. You’ll find that many of them are blogs to make money, and that many are not. The number is highly variable and depends on what you are looking for. If you want to create a home business based blog marketing, you […]

Microsoft launches social network

As the largest social network in the world made ??its debut on the stock, Microsoft at the premiere of his own network called ““. Reportedly about it, this is to enable users to share content and keep abreast of today, for what they can login with their Facebook and Windows Live. This initiative began in […]

Samsung Galaxy S3, your software is awesome

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new fad of the guys from Samsung and many fans of the series in the world who otherwise have to wait few more days to see these units in the windows and get one, but not before pay a “fair” price, as it somehow. Seeking a little more information […]