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Apple formalizes the presentation of its new iPhone

What was a strong rumor was confirmed today, the technology company of the bitten apple officially launched its new iPhone, the appointment is on Tuesday 10th September at 10 am (Pacific Time), on the campus of Apple in Cupertino (USA) and confirmed by the web specializing in technology the Verge. As we announced a few […]

What is phubbing?

Phubbing is a term acronym for the English words snubbing phone and (phone and snub). Campaign against Phubbing This unsavory practice that has many followers and began to have enemies. The young Australian Alex Haigh (22 years) has started a social media campaign called “Stop Phubbing” (High to phubbing). He started by Facebook and quickly […]

Electronic Commerce: errors in marketing strategy

Entrepreneurs today have had to adapt gradually to new communication technologies and ways that basically rely on social networks (Facebook and Twitter). The change is not minor when you consider that the exhibition of products, goods and services now revolves around the satisfaction of needs of customers who identify their own needs and are no […]

Classification of the types of leadership


Leadership is not exercised by instinct, but part of a process by which new leaders recognize their personality and work style, thus being able to lead a team to achieve common goals. As the leadership’s ability to influence a group to achieve common goals, and conducting business efficiently and effectively in a team, it is […]

Tips for being socialize online

Being sociable on the Internet is easy. How many people do not know which boasts hundreds of online friends, followers on Twitter, Facebook contacts, etc.? However, it’s time to take the step to meet these people face to face, some people show a lot of uncertainty. And if not how the Internet? And what if […]