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Tandem San Francisco Paragliding Flights

Is extreme sport you favorite sport you do in your spare time? Many extreme sports are truly dangerous et exciting and fun. Two those sports are paragliding and hanggliding. Have ever tried those sports anywhere in States? If you are currently live in California or planning to visit this place soon then it is the […]

Paragliding san Francisco for First Step to the Sky

When you are flying by the plane, you can look out of the window and see beneath the clouds the beautiful Earth. You can feel the delight of your flight. But it is not a full experience because mostly you are safe inside the plane’s cabin. You cannot feel the wind rushing into your face […]

7 Things You Never Knew a Magnet Could Do

Magnets are neat little gadgets; or big gadgets depending how you look at it. Everyone knows how cool it is to try to touch two south poles and watch the magnets avoid each other like the plague. Most of us use a magnet to hang something on our refrigerator, but there’s a lot more to […]

Bags and purses flights – too modern and stylish on a budget

We all try to save money these days, but we still have the desire to share our collection of accessories and clothing to be renewed. Obviously cost of all style and fashion handbags a small fortune and are too far from the budget for many of us. Recently I have been attracted by the cheap […]