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The “Geek Week” on YouTube

The geeks and nerds should be jumping for joy, the most popular video platform in the world, YouTube has just announced it will have a “geek week” with various events and surprises for all technology lovers. “YouTube Geek Week” will be held from 4 to 10 next August, technological event is being conducted in collaboration […]

Get Higher Degree to Increase Your Paycheck

It is known that degrees on education can determine the amount of money that we get from the company where we work for. People with higher degrees are paid more that people who have degrees under them. Because of this reason, many people now are taking class and course in a college to get a […]

Educational Commitment of ICC

As an institution that is authorized to regulate international trade regulations, the ICC is also an institution that directly contribute fully to the development of education, especially in the field of economics. Publication of the ICC such as UCP 600 and Incoterms 2010 shows that the ICC is an institution that is very sensitive to […]

Wiki accessories

Visit the wiki site and find beautiful wedding accessories. This page has a new feature called Electronic nice guestbook. Types of certification can clearly on accessories love interest wiki, through education, and the procedures a cloud of light power to appoint the next, mourning mp3 download for some time. Time is money. Any company Ray […]