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Samsung Galaxy S3, your software is awesome

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new fad of the guys from Samsung and many fans of the series in the world who otherwise have to wait few more days to see these units in the windows and get one, but not before pay a “fair” price, as it somehow. Seeking a little more information […]

Social networks as a platform for brand positioning

brands social networks

The new platform for brand positioning are social networks, who will amplify what consumers want “today.” Social networks have evolved from the time of their creation, important part of what have shaped consumers and businesses, who have joined the process and began offering sponsored search, among other things, but how far do you have exploited […]

Takeoff Live PDF

Something that you should know, I always admire the progress of technology, because there is always something new every time I browsing the Internet. And now, let me share with you what I discovered recently, when I browse the web. I think it is very useful for those working in line with the construction of […]