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China: Prison for those who defame on the Internet

Today we published an official document made by China’s Supreme Court and the Supreme, which determined that everyone who uses the internet to defame someone will pay three years in prison. To crystallize the crime, defamation must be at least 500 times and reached the 5000 views. The authors of this crime on the Internet […]

Amazon prepares game console

While Sony announced the official launch of its own PlayStation 4 and Microsoft with its Xbox One, appears an unexpected competitor. The website that specializes in video games Game Informer, just ensure the company is preparing a new video game console, the system would work with Android and launched on 29 May (famous “Black […]

Nvidia GTX 690, the world’s most powerful


As we have stated in our title, Nvidia rises again as the video card manufacturer with the most powerful product in the world with the release of the GTX 690. Subject to be the most powerful, we must remember it is a dual video card GPU. Some of the features of this video card are […]

Advertising on mobile devices increases rapidly

The mobile advertising market has achieved a substantial departure in the last year with the addition of new devices and the adoption of new mobile technologies by consumers. Tablets Advertising notices presented in tablets were led by Apple with 97% of the advertisements published in the United States, according to a study by Millennial Media […]

Secure Your Business Identity By Registering Trademark

A trademark registration is the most important step that every entrepreneur should take. Registering your trademark will helps to ensure that a particular product, company name, products, service or even the logo of your company. Today, there are many services for trademark registration to enable companies that have made the whole process of a brand […]

A perfect hosting type for you

You have several sites to host? Hosting multiple domains is perfect for you. Even if the price seems high compared to other packages, a multi domains hosting account very quickly managed to become your best investment. This option brings virtual dedicated server without the burden of management. Your multiple hosting domains continue to support you […]