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Marketing of content, the final strategy


Data from a recent survey by HiveFire show that 82% of companies prefer to marketing content over other strategies, while the main objective is posed to become leaders in content generation sector. The survey revealed that, without prejudice to the preference of marketing content, 70% use search engine marketing, 68% prefer events to promote their […]

When the leader is no height

In many companies the leader is not up to it. In these times if you have not recycled may be unable to reach a view on global projects. In addition, it requires more responsibility to the chief executives. Some companies need to rethink the practices of hiring and firing of CEOs and their role in […]


Appear guys; the world is huge and entire of a lot of stuff. But what I prefer to stress on is what the business concern world is entire of. From a big figure view, there are a lot of corporations. Corporations are created all separate daytime in desires of finally creating it big and having […]