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Cost-effective Catalog Printing

When designing a catalog, many companies end up spending more money than they intended in the first place. Choose a format for catalog printing costs significantly affects, and often the most creative layouts can be the most expensive. The list below shows some of the common choices available for printing a catalog and separates the […]

The path to a successful Print Catalog

Catalog printing project can be a limited release. Multi-page print is never easy and take lots of time to achieve, in particular, the execution of his plan. However, the catalogs are very popular for its effectiveness in marketing and advertising. You can reach a wide audience through direct mail marketing in which customers can receive […]

The 3 types of Mailing List

What do you think is the most important factor in the success of a campaign of direct mail marketing? Awesome graphics? An interesting title? Your logo on every piece of direct mail? These are all good answers, but none of them is the most important factor for a successful direct mail campaign. The mailing list […]