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Avoid the Injuries and Use the Safe

It is often heard that there are some injuries in the companies whereas it happens for the employees. The bosses just order them to do this and that whereas the boss has little possibilities from injuries which might happen in the progress. The employees will face and get more chance to get injuries, such as […]

What to do if your company decides to promote you

Any professional should strive to excel, to be better valued and important decisions within a company. But if over time you do not get up, it is best to consider other job assignments. Professional life does not end in a company. Not hesitate for a moment, do not waste your time, if you promote your […]

How to fire an employee

Surely the report to an employee who must leave the company is one of the hardest moments to face a boss, but it is certainly necessary for the good of the organization. It’s an unpleasant situation, since it means bad news for a person who has been part of a company to deal with this […]