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Asus implements Thunderbolt Ivy Bridge Plaque


Thunderbolt is a unique system from Apple, one that makes hallucinate a lot of users who usually have to pass information or simply want the best technology. Well, now this system was no longer exclusively for Apple users and extends to the rest of us thanks to Asus, who already implemented in a number of […]

New on laptops 2012

Developments in the world of laptops do not stop coming for this 2012, and an example of this is that they have begun to see more and more often ultralight prototype touchscreen and hybrids share the features of a laptop and a tablet with the best technology on the market. Ultrabook touchscreen Intel has begun […]

Neff Law Firm for the Best Technology Lawyer

It is modern time and we never able to know all things that will happen in the future. You need to prevent all things that may happen to you and your business. When you have business that related with products and technology, you better have good protection too for your products. You should not get […]

Sales of smartphones will increase in 2011


The surprising increase in sales of mobile smartphones by 2011, is expected to revolutionize the mobile marketing and how to advertise. Smartphones went from being a luxury and became an everyday tool for executives, students, employees and even for those who do not need even 50% of the capacity of these magnificent examples phones. Thus, […]