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Managing Debt Collection

Debt collection is a kind of complicated thing for most personals of companies. There are many collectors who will never get the money they are owed. This is because it is very difficult for a debtor to ignore attempts by a debt collector in contact with them. Outstanding debt has become a problem that many […]

Consumers do not prevent online advertising

The study by Turner Broadcasting on online advertising and consumer behavior towards her, said that they do not avoid it, but on the contrary are willing to do more than that so far shown. A comparison of advertising that is displayed on TV and online delivery which makes it clear that there is a different […]

The most common errors of marketing to women

woman errors marketing

The universe of women workers increased significantly in four years, making them one of the hottest markets today. The importance of women in marketing is critical. Why? because it has been found to represent 51% of the total market and are the ones who ultimately make purchases 80% of the time. Women have an annual […]