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Consumers do not prevent online advertising

The study by Turner Broadcasting on online advertising and consumer behavior towards her, said that they do not avoid it, but on the contrary are willing to do more than that so far shown. A comparison of advertising that is displayed on TV and online delivery which makes it clear that there is a different […]

Facebook and Google are fighting for local Internet advertising


Local advertising is one of the best of times, so Google and Facebook are directed into a tailspin to win advertisers with innovative methodologies. Google is not very happy with the rise of Facebook, a company that provides important data for the advertising program offerings that appeal to advertisers and also makes it almost exclusively […]

Forecasts for the world of marketing in 2011


Forecasts of what will happen to marketing in 2011, talk about increased investment, growth of social media, SEO changes, among other things. To make a forecast of what will be next year 2011, it must be said before the changes take place around how to do marketing and the methods used. Primarily be the year […]

Branding and marketing are inseparable concepts


The relationship between branding and marketing is more profound than many believe, why can not abandon the potential of the brand only to advertisers. Branding is a concept that can not be understood separately from the marketing, as this is part of the purpose of another. The relationship of Branding and marketing is obvious, since […]

Consumers do not prevent online advertising

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Consumer acceptance of online advertising as advertisers themselves believe is valid to describe in a video broadcast online. The study by Turner Broadcasting on online advertising and consumer behavior toward her, said they did not prevent, but on the contrary are willing to see more of what so far shown. The comparison of advertising that […]

Social networks as a platform for brand positioning

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The new platform for brand positioning are social networks, who will amplify what consumers want “today.” Social networks have evolved from the time of their creation, important part of what have shaped consumers and businesses, who have joined the process and began offering sponsored search, among other things, but how far do you have exploited […]

Internet Advertising Agency – part of Internet Marketing

Internet advertising agency is also known as advertising agency online or full service online advertising. Agency Internet advertising helps advertisers promote their products and services through the means of the Internet. Gone are those days when they were only sources of advertising in print or electronic media. With the forthcoming promotion of the Internet has […]

Role of an online marketing company

Gone are those days when door to door marketing has been done to promote a good / service. With the superb performance of the Internet people have become dependent on his services as a condition for the satisfaction that even with less time to use. The online marketing activities came with a bang and continues […]